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4/11 - Custom Generate Transformers

· One min read
Evis Drenova
Co-Founder/CEO, Neosync
  1. Add the ability to write custom javascript Transformers for a data generate job
  2. Transformers now filter by data type in the schema page to prevent type mismatches
  3. Add in self-service sign ups for the free tier
  4. Reduced data generation and sync time by 50%
  5. Logs in runs now are persistent, searchable and filterable
  6. Support for setting max connection limits for connections and pooled connections
  7. Added support for ON CONFLICT to handle duplicate rows
  8. Updated retry policy to fail fast instead of waiting to fail leading to better performance
  9. Update schedules to ensure that they don't get culled by Temporal
  10. Support the ability to delete, cancel or terminate runs from the Jobs page instead of having to go to Runs
  11. Various UI/UX refinements

3/28 - Partial Table Syncs

· One min read
Evis Drenova
Co-Founder/CEO, Neosync
  1. Added support for partial table syncs
  2. Added support for real-time validation for schema mapping
  3. Added support for permission validation for connections
  4. Added support for passing in a connection string instead of always parsing out connection parameters
  5. Added support for referential integrity in subsetting
  6. Updated schema mapping page to show unique constraints in table
  7. Updated helm charts to allow users to configure the update strategy
  8. Updated transformation logic to fail fast if transformer is unable to insert
  9. Updated transformers to have significantly more entropy
  10. Added sorting to Transformers to make it easier to search and filter
  11. Added a default schedule for jobs
  12. Various UI/UX refinements

3/14 - Metrics

· One min read
Evis Drenova
Co-Founder/CEO, Neosync
  1. Added support for a Supabase Integration
  2. Added the ability to easily clone a connection
  3. Updated streaming infrastructure to used pooled connections for more efficient data transfer
  4. Added a product tour checklist to make onboarding easier
  5. Added more UI support for foreign key transformations
  6. Implemented Keycloak for authentication and removed Auth0
  7. Other UI/UX refinements

2/29 - Foreign Key Transformations

· One min read
Evis Drenova
Co-Founder/CEO, Neosync
  1. Support primary key and foreign key transformations
  2. Include constraints in Schema table for filtering, searching, sorting
  3. Update SSH tunnel session sharing to be much more efficient
  4. Update job details to surface an error if the job times out
  5. Add isNullable column to the Schema table
  6. Add regular expression to character scramble transformer
  7. Update sync job to handle reserved keyword columns
  8. Handle column lengths in data generation so that we never overflow a column
  9. Fixed a bug that broke the data generation form when you switch tables
  10. UI/UX refinements

2/15 - Terraform

· One min read
Evis Drenova
Co-Founder/CEO, Neosync
  1. Release of the Neosync Terraform provider
  2. Updated Job clean up to handle if Temporal schedule fails to be created
  3. Updated Transform Email transformer to take in an exclusion list of domains
  4. Added more granular options for Job tries and timeouts in Job definition
  5. Updated logging to have a cleaner format and include more logs
  6. Fixed a bug that was causing the Connect page to refresh and lose state
  7. UI/UX refinements

2/01 - Circular Dependencies

· One min read
Evis Drenova
Co-Founder/CEO, Neosync
  1. Support for intra-table and inter-table circular dependencies
  2. Data sync logs in the app for k8 deployments
  3. Introduced more granular timeout settings for jobs
  4. Support for tunneling into DBs in private VPCs via bastion host tunneling
  5. Support for HPA in Neosync helm charts
  6. Introduced a Transform Character Scramble transformer thats scrambles a string while keep spaces, punctuation and format constant
  7. Transformer names are now clickable in the transformers table
  8. More tests for circular dependency support
  9. Fixed a bug causing the bulk update and filter functionality in the schema table to be flaky
  10. UI/UX refinements

1/18 - Conditional Transformers

· One min read
Evis Drenova
Co-Founder/CEO, Neosync
  1. Released Conditional Transformers
  2. Released support for Categorical Transformers
  3. Added search to docs by Algolia
  4. Added HOSTNAME env var to app service in Docker Compose for better local dev experience
  5. Added support for selecting a file system connection
  6. Fixed a bug that caused the auth token to expire
  7. Fixed a bug causing table pagination to revert back to the first page on re-render
  8. Refactored some transformers (random_float_64, random_int_64, random_string) for performance improvements
  9. Added more tests for circular dependencies and table constraints
  10. UI/UX refinements

1/04 - Custom Code Transformers

· One min read
Evis Drenova
Co-Founder/CEO, Neosync
  1. Released Custom Code Transformers
  2. Improved benthos performance by 30% on data sync
  3. Added new list connections command to the CLI
  4. Created a new compose file that uses production images
  5. Added a length param to the float64 transformer
  6. Updated transformer filtering to filter by name instead of source
  7. Fixed a bug that didn't allow users to create new jobs in auth mode
  8. Updated tables so that the table links work appropriately
  9. Updated documentation for setting up Authentication
  10. Enable auth token refreshing in the CLI
  11. Updated page routing to always route /account/settings to temporal page
  12. UI/UX refinements

12/18 - Public facing APIs

· One min read
Evis Drenova
Co-Founder/CEO, Neosync
  1. Released new public facing APIs and a Go and Typescript SDK
  2. Fixed a bug which was causing data to not be preserved across pages in the job flow
  3. Added job type to the jobs page
  4. UI/UX refinements and updates
  5. Fixed a bug in the API key generation wrt to max time
  6. Added the account context to the CLI to see which account is being used in a CLI call
  7. Updated CLI, Transformers and Jobs docs
  8. Added more tests to check that the benthos configs are being constructed properly
  9. Other bug fixes and refinements

12/04 - Neosync init

· One min read
Evis Drenova
Co-Founder/CEO, Neosync

We're excited to be launching Neosync v0.1.0 to the world! This is the first entry in our changelog with the base version of Neosync. If you want to read more about why we're building Neosync, you can check out this blog. Below you can see a list of the main features that we are launching with:

  1. Ability to create a sync job that can sync data between two connections
  2. Ability to create a data gen job that can generate synthetic data from scratch and push it into a connection
  3. Ability to pause, resume, start and stop a job
  4. 40+ system transformers to use out of the box
  5. Ability to create custom transformers
  6. Postgres, Mysql and S3 connections
  7. Neosync CLI to be able to sync data from remote to locally

We'll be releasing new updates every two weeks as we continue squash bugs and release new features.