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Neosync introduces an advanced subsetting feature that leverages foreign key constraints to automatically subset child tables based on the subset selections of their parent tables. This functionality is particularly useful when working with complex schemas where maintaining relational integrity across tables is crucial.

When you specify a subset condition on a parent table, Neosync automatically applies this subset condition to any child tables linked through foreign key constraints. This ensures that only relevant data is included in your subset, maintaining both the efficiency of the subset process and the integrity of your data.

Additionally, Neosync is adept at managing self-referencing tables and circular dependencies, provided there is at least one nullable column within the circular dependency cycle to serve as a viable entry point in your database schema. This advanced feature significantly simplifies the process of creating subsets from complex databases, ensuring that all related data is cohesively maintained.

Enabling this advanced subsetting option is straightforward and can be accessed in the new job flow and job details page, specifically under the Subset tab.