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Transformers are data-type specific modules that anonymize or generate data. For example, an email transformer can create a synthetic email address or anonymize an existing email address.

Transformers are defined in the job workflow and are applied to every piece of data in the column they are assigned. Neosync ships with over 40 pre-defined transformers that make it fast and easy to get started.


Transformer Types

There are two types of transformers:

  1. System Transformers - Pre-built and configured transformers that automatically come with Neosync out of the box. These cannot be deleted but they can be cloned.
  2. User Defined Transformers - These are system transformers that have been cloned, re-configured and renamed. These transformers can be edited and deleted.


You can browse our list of system transformers which come out of the box or you can see how to create you own custom transformer.